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Offshore Software Development Services

What is an Offshore Development Center?

An offshore development center (ODC) is a team extended and built overseas to support the company's software development projects. More specifically, it works as a subsidiary or a company's branch located in another country.
As one of the leading ODC service providers in Vietnam, TECHVIFY is proud to bring first-class offshore development center services to companies worldwide, large and small.

Offshore Development Center - Why Us?

No More Wasting time, Only Better Results. We help you to own a dedicated tech team in Vietnam, so you do not have to worry about the offshore HR processes of recruitment, onboarding, benefits, payroll, and others.

Cost reduction

Companies can utilize the cost in labor (pay, recruitment, and other benefits for full-time employees), infrastructure (office rent, maintenance, internet etc), and so on.

Innovation and high quality

Diverse, capable teams can always deliver innovative solutions of world-class quality, no matter what the project.

Business optimization

Leaving the IT work to the IT experts, you can focus on other critical activities of the business such as marketing and sales.

Access to a larger talent pool

With the help of Offshore development activities, the work happens simultaneously, and the work is completed sooner with high productivity level.

Which values do you get when utilizing our ODC services?

  • We supply a mix of in-depth expertise and the most performing technologies to relieve you from the complex hiring process and complicated internal resources. These help your teams achieve their goals quickly and set your business up for success.

Technologies We Use

Mobile App Development Swift Kotlin React Native Flutter Xamarin Cordova Ionic
Back-end Development C#/C++ Java PHP Python Go NodeJS .NET
Front-end Development Angular ReactJS VueJS HTML/CSS Javascript NextJS Ember.js
DevOps Docker Jenkins CodeBuild Packer Openshift Kubernetes CI/CD Tools
Databases MySQL SQL Server SQLite MariaDB PostgreSQL
Clouds AWS Azure Google Cloud Orcale

Ways we can collaborate

We are flexible in structuring the collaboration, so we can come up with an option that best fits your needs and requirements.

Time and Materials Based

When the project's scope is unclear, we tend to go with the T&M model as we tailor the solution to your specific requirements.


  • Requirement gathering TECHVIFY gathers client's requirements about resources and tech stacks
  • CV preparation TECHVIFY screens internal resources to help you connect with the right talents match the requirements
  • Client interview You interviews and evaluates the team members directly via video call, then You decide who to hire, how much to pay.
  • Contract sign-off & onboarding TECHVIFY carries out Infrastructure, environment setups and other necessary resources to kick-start your projects
  • Take-off The team starts working on your projects

Project based

When you need extra human resources, we can provide you with a dedicated team that can act as an extension of your existing staff.


  • Requirement gathering TECHVIFY gathers and analyzes your rquirements proposal
  • Proposal TECHVIFY proposes technical solutions, timelines, and rate cards that fit your budgets
  • Client approval You approve and signs off on the proposal
  • Kick-off The project starts
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Should I use Vietnam offshore development centre services?

Asian countries like Vietnam, where living costs are much lower and labor costs are competitive, have become ideal for offshore services compared to other nations. Moreover, Vietnam has available resources and political stability suitable for integrating the ODC software process.

How long does it take to ramp up or ramp down a team?

It depends on the tech stack or scope of work that your request. You should contact our PM or AM about this request early (at least one month before the onboarding date), so we can arrange resources accordingly. Typically, with the typical tech stack such as .Net, Java, Node JS, etc., we can ramp up about five members in one to two weeks, and TECHVIFY can provide up to 10 members per month.

Tell me about the payment terms in TECHVIFY’s ODC model.

You will make payments monthly for the ODC services used. Payments should be made within seven days of the invoice date.

When can TECHVIFY’S candidates get on board with my project if they pass the interview?

About two weeks from the date that you officially confirm the resource eligibility.

Can I contact TECHVIFY at any time when having any serious problems?

Yes. When any issue occurs, you can directly call the Project Manager or Account Manager anytime including weekend or holiday.

If I want to quickly ramp up a large team that can speak English well, how can TECHVIFY handle it?

To assist your project in reducing costs and meeting this resource need on time, we propose dividing it into several small Scrum teams. Usually, it takes two weeks for TECHVIFY to scan the resources and arrange and allocate an ODC team.
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