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Offshore Development Center

Have you ever heard the term ODC?

An ODC (Offshore Development Center) is a team of integrated talents that offers software development services for the company but is located in a foreign country. More than 80% of the big 500 corporations worldwide use this model to fulfill software development needs because of its tremendous advantages over in-house staffing or traditional outsourcing, according to the latest research.

Why should we use ODC model?

Using an ODC is becoming a favorite option for companies in recent years thanks to its cost-effectiveness and excellent access to the vast availability of tech experts.

Cost reduction

Companies can utilize the cost in labor (pay, recruitment, and other benefits for full-time employees), infrastructure (office rent, maintenance, internet etc), and so on.

Innovation and high quality

Diverse, capable teams can always deliver innovative solutions of world-class quality, no matter what the project.

Business optimization

Leaving the IT work to the IT experts, you can focus on other critical activities of the business such as marketing and sales.

Access to a larger talent pool

With the help of Offshore development activities, the work happens simultaneously, and the work is completed sooner with high productivity level.

Which benefits you can get when utilizing our ODC service?

  • Vietnam is emerging as a key player in offshoring development and the our talented and dedicated IT workforce is a force to be reckoned with. As a leading ODC service provider in Vietnam, Techvify is proud to bring first-class ODC solutions to companies all over the world, large and small.
Ways we can collaborate

We are flexible in structuring the collaboration so we can come up with an option that best fits your needs and requirements.

Time and Materials Based

When the scope of the project is not clear, we tend to go with the T&M model as we tailor the solution to your specific requirements.


  • Requirement gathering Techvify gathers client's requirements about resources and tech stacks
  • CV preparation Techvify screens internal resources to match the requirements
  • Client interview Client interviews and evaluates the team members directly via video call
  • Contract sign-off & onboarding Techvify carries out Infrastructure, environment setups
  • Take-off The team starts working on client’s projects

Project based

When you need extra human resources, we can provide you with a dedicated team that can act as an extension of your existing staff.


  • Requirement gathering Techvify gathers and analyzes client's rquirements Proposal
  • Proposal Techvify proposes technical solutions, timelines, and rate cards that fit client's budgets
  • Client approval Client approves and signs off on the proposal
  • Kick-off The project starts
What We Offer

Passion for technology and digital innovation is the spark that fires up our creativity.

If there is one outstanding factor that makes us stand out from the other best professionals, it is our dedication and commitment to every project we take on. We are more than happy to assist your business from scratch to finish. Please do not hesitate to tell us your idea.

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