Offshore Development Center

What is an ODC?

An offshore development center (ODC) is a form of IT outsourcing that takes software development out of your business’ office, allowing an external source to do it. One of the  competitive factor of offshoring is one company can share their work to over sea. Nowadays Vietnam being the fastest growing IT hubs in the world.

More importantly, the beauty of an offshore center is that it can be more flexible than a one-time IT outsourcing service. Specifically, you can: Use this service for offshore software development projects In this case, clients are mainly making use of the IT company’s programming skills Agree on a long-term collaboration Where the vendor provides clients with not only software development but also later management.

The style of client’s cooperation with the vendor is open to negotiation-most outsourcing software development companies will be happy to work with client in either cases. Regardless of which one clients are interested in, an offshore development center can bring huge various benefits.

Why Offshore?

Cost Saving

Outsourcing is no doubt useful because of its cost-saving benefits.

Depending on the project’s particularities, cost savings could be as much as 30-70% with an experienced ODC manager.

These cost savings result from the cheaper cost of labor in Vietnam, without sacrificing quality or the knowledge base.

The growth of the IT industry in these countries, both in services and advancements in training, means that the quality is on par with the rest of the world.

Quality Human Resource

The obvious answer is that most of these IT hubs are located in countries with a large yet increasingly well-qualified and experienced labor forces.

Consequently, the rate for the services in these countries, particularly in South-East Asia, is often more competitive than in other places.

The growth of the IT industry in these countries, both in services and advancements in training, means that the quality is on par with the rest of the world.

Consistent Growth

With a long-term offshore development centers, company can receive a consistent growth.

For these SMEs, there are even more benefits to collaborating with an offshore software company. A center offers you more long-term revisions, management and advice. Because of the scale of your business, you might not be able to afford an IT department. An ODC can act as your IT department, whether it is to maintain internal management or to interact with your customers, where building one yourself may take too much time, effort and money.

Moreover, an offshore center can cheaply accompany you through the changes in the tech industry, which are fast and numerous. With their expert knowledge in the field, your business can maintain up-to-date and consistent online and technological presence. As a result, you are freed up, both in financial and time resources to embark on other tasks!


What makes a good ODC vendor?

All these benefits are to be enjoyed if you set up your ODC well, which leads to the question – what should you look for in a vendor who can provide this service?

First things first, of course we want an IT company that is very skillful and be able to produce good software. Whether it is web or mobile application (available iOS and Android systems), whether it is a site or a marketplace, the software development company that you choose should be able to create good, effective, beautiful products that suit your needs.


And because the important thing here is that the products should serve the operations of your business, another important criterion in professional communication. Clear and effective cooperation is key to the success of an offshore software development center. Moreover, this will mean that you can overcome the obstacles of differences in language and time zone.


This is why the Agile software development methodology has been dominating this industry in recent years. The Agile methodology starts with establishing a good core team, which works closely with your business’s project managers to make sure your vision is well-understood.


Then, throughout the collaboration, the core team ensures consistent realization of your vision. In addition, product development happens in a cycle of programming and testing, over which you will have oversight through shared logging of progression. This allows for continuous review and improvement, so that the end-product will be of the highest quality.

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What Techvify has to offer?

With a number of young, but skillful programmers and experienced project managers who are trained from the most state-of-the-art universities in Vietnam, TECHVIFY takes pride in providing the best service in a timely manner to our customers.


Emerging from Vietnam’s fast-growing technological industry, we are always up-to-date with the newest developments and trends. Our outsourcing software development services include (but not limited to):

  • Internal management software – inventory, online collaboration platforms and applications…
  • External software – UI/UX design, ecommerce marketplace.


Based on our most important goal is all client’s successful, TECHVIFY are very flexible whether it comes to setting up either a project-based or long-term ODC according to client needs and demands.  TECHVIFY believe that discussions and negotiations are crucial to the setting up of what will be a collaboration, rather than merely an outsourcing contract. During production, TECHVIFY apply the Agile methodology in order to pursue visions clearly set out by client.


With an open mindset, and a strong work ethic, we can promise you the best customized software development services at a competitive price. Contact us and start your newest project now!

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