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24 March, 2022

Offshore Development Center (ODC): The Definitive Guide

In the era of technology, there is an impressive rise in offshore software usage. As a result, the Offshore Development Center is finding its way to every business, be it a technological or non-tech company. This type of service has even outweighed Outsourcing recently.  If you are interested in an ODC team or looking for a superior solution for software development, this is a relevant option. Why? The reasons will be revealed in this writing.  What Is Offshore Development Center (ODC)? Definition An Offshore Development Center (ODC) is defined as an offshore team of dedicated talents. It provides the services... Read More

How to build a startup team in 3 steps

Would you want to know how to build a startup team that is capable and dedicated from scratch? Recruiting members for a startup has never been a piece of cake. For a new entrepreneur, this is usually the hardest step. In most cases, the haste in recruiting likely makes a big fail because many steps in the process will be skipped. Such matters must not happen, especially during the early stages of business establishment. To be a successful entrepreneur from the beginning, everyone needs a solid foundation of human power. The success of one business depends a lot on the... 09 September, 2021

5 Reasons To Hire Custom Software Developers

Why do you need custom software developers instead of buying pre-packaged software products off the shelf? With every passing day, you make certain crucial decisions to raise your business a level up. Those decisions range from budgeting, outsourcing, development custom software, budgeting to return on investment and competitive advantage. As a smart and vigilant entrepreneur, you are very much like an enthusiastic performer, balancing your business’ immediate needs with its long-term needs and growth. Business growth always leads to a great competitive advantage for enterprises. The competitive advantages they get through the kind of tech-stack company use, customized solutions develop,... 23 August, 2021

6 Factors Before Hiring A Software Development Team

It’s a series of ongoing processes of how to hire the right software development team. There are countless times when people come and go because they’re not at the right place, at the right time. Therefore, hiring for your business the right software development team has never been an easy task.  Having an excellent software development team depends much on your requirements for them. But, every set of demands always contains these 6 questions that you must ask before having the team on board.  How did you hire your software development team? You don’t have your hand on recruiting the... 23 August, 2021
team communication

The 4 power of effective team communication in Tech

Effective team communication will always yield great results. Everyone is happy, the work goes smoothly, the job is done excellently. Missing deadlines. Long messy email threads. No idea who will be working on what. Conflicts between team members. Poorly planned projects. Ideas not discussed enough. Scattered and missing files. Waiting for hours to get answers. Delayed feedback. And so on. Sounds familiar to you? Is your business buried under the same fundamental problems?  Does your team have communication issues? Is ineffective communication a major part of your business? If the answer to all is a yes, it’s time to organize... 23 August, 2021
web development

Hire an outsourced team for web development, What to expect?

What are reasonable expectations when recruit an outsourced team for web development? I bet you have read enough to know how wealthy the benefits of an outsourced team could be to your business. Regarding the web development section, it’s a booming market since every business needs a website to function properly. A well-designed website does not only offer a high-end service to customers but also reflects the earnings of a business. Therefore, how small or big your business is, a website is a foremost step to promote your work to the public.  However, some may think that they have to... 23 August, 2021

Offshore development center benefits for your Business

Scaling up your team while staying within your budget is one of the biggest offshore development center benefits.  Basically, you get a competitive edge by working with top-notch professionals having access to trending tools & technologies. To fully understand the concept of ODC and how it can help your business, we’ve put together a few subtopics that hold the most valuable information. Why outsource with a reliable ODC team? Want to increase the quality and efficiency of your software while reducing development costs? The answer is to work with an ODC (offshore development center). As a highly successful tool, the... 23 August, 2021

What’s Good Automation Test Tools?

Software testing is an essential, yet time-consuming, and expensive activity. Therefore, automation of any aspect of software test engineering can reduce testing time and, in the long run, reduce costs for the testing activity. Automation test tools help you reduce the feedback cycle and bring faster validation for phases in the development of your product. It is especially useful because it helps you detect problems or bugs early on during the development phase, which increases the team’s efficiency. What is an Automation Test?  Automation Testing or Test Automation is a software testing technique that performs using special automated testing software... 22 August, 2021
mobile app outsourcing

Mobile app development by using outsourcing team

What to expect from a mobile app development outsourcing team? There are many benefits from using a mobile app development outsourcing team for your project. Today, it’s obvious that people spend more time on their mobile devices for internet browsing, online shopping than on their desktop/laptop devices. Many companies already get a mobile app developed for their businesses, catering specifically to the increasing mobile users market. But, what do you do if your companies are not in the tech industry and don’t happen to have a team of in-house mobile developers and UI/UX designers? The easiest and ideal solution is... 22 August, 2021

Standards of an IT company: What are you looking for?

What are the standards of an IT company that you should consider when you’re looking for a job? Answer the question: “Why Do You Want to Work Here?” The business in general and IT company, in particular, want to hire someone who believes strongly in the company’s mission and wants to make a positive impact on the organization and its clients or customers. Also, searching for a candidate who is a strong fit for the position and the company can be a costly and time-consuming process. So, hiring managers want to help their employer realize a good return on their... 21 August, 2021

Test automation: All you need to know

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, which led to the development of many industries, especially the information technology industry, makes it easy for test automation to become an indispensable trend. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at test automation with Techvify. Software testing is the process of checking software applications and products for bugs and errors. In a little more detail, it is checking whether the real outcomes can match expected results, as well as aids in the identification of defects, missing requirements, or gaps to ensure reliable and high-performance software operation.  Testing in software engineering is a fundamental but essential process... 20 August, 2021 Protection Status